5 fun new ideas for virtual meetups!

As we’ve started to figure out a new normal in the time of social distancing, we’ve been enjoying virtual happy hours and catch-up chats with friends and family members. But after a few weeks, we’re getting fatigued by days spent staring at a screen. Given that, people started to get creative and mix up our virtual social lives with themed events!! Check out these ideas to refresh your virtual meetups:
Cookie club: Invite a few friends to make cookies together (but separately!). Choose a fairly simple recipe and follow the steps together, then catch up on life while your cookies bake. Finish with a glass of cold milk and enjoying the fruits of your labor.
Tea party: Invite your family members to join you for a virtual tea party. Wear hats, make yourselves a cup of tea, and settle in for a cozy chat about the good old days.
Beer night: Crack open a cold beer with a few buddies and talk about anything except coronavirus.
Smells like teen spirit: Gather some old friends and ask them to join you for a middle school dance-themed virtual get-together. Wear something your 13-year-old self would’ve considered the peak of fashion and queue up a vintage playlist on Spotify. Come prepared to share a heartwarming (or mortifying) memory.
Bust a move: Grab a few up-for-anything friends and try out a dance-inspired workout together. Getting your blood pumping is great for your mental and physical health–and now’s the perfect time to finally take all those ballet, hip hop, or Latin classes you always wanted to try.
Written by Sarah for Team Moment

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