Leading the Way in Responsible Business


By Kayla Bayens

Recently we here at Monroe Personnel Service & Temptime were honored with an award at the San Francisco Green Business 2016 Awards. We’ve been long standing members of this organization dating back at least 7 years. Why? Because we believe in the message it sends. Business isn’t just about the money, or at least it shouldn’t be. Its about the people, its about the community, and its about the impact you have.

Not many of us realize the kind of impact even our small businesses have on our environment. Have you ever looked at the amount of paper you go through in a given week? Or the harsh chemicals your cleaners use? Or even the amount of water you waste in a single day? Its fine if you haven’t before. Not alot of us do, but there is always room for improvement. By becoming conscious of these things and more we can move our business to both a healthy one in finances and in global impact.

We strongly encourage each of you to become a member of the San Francisco Green Business today. Its really simple to become a part of and I’ve included a link to their registration here. But encase you aren’t convinced yet to join I’ve also included a few things that I hope steer you in the right direction below.


The Green Business Program adds tremendous value. It demands rigor from us, and provides a resource for suppliers as well as a support system to customers looking for green vendors.”

                               -Jacqueline Burns, Work of Art Catering


“We believe in protecting the environment and are proud to advertize that we put those principles into practice. It has expanded our awareness into other areas we can address with respect to reducing resources. (like using recycled paper, cartridges etc).”

                              -Stephanie Boyer, Cirios Real Estate

“The Green Business Program further reaffirms our commitment and responsibility to minimize the impact to the environment.”

                               -Alfredo Cahuas, NaturEner USA, LLC

“Due to the Green Business recognition we have become preferred vendors and partners which has lead to new contracts, and also our reps have provided referrals because of our green certification.”

                               -Vanessa Herrera, J&V Catering

“Some of the things we’d done for the Green Business Program contributed toward the points we could receive for the LEED Gold certification.”

                             -Ken Rankow, Gelfand Partners Architects

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