How to Be Heard in a Noisy Social World


By Kayla Bayens

Hey everyone, its your friendly neighborhood blogger! For the next few posts we are going to be hitting a rather convoluted topic, online presence branding. I know its a mouth full and invokes flashes of boredom. I can already see your eyes glazing over as your mouse moves to the skip button. BUT WAIT! I promise to spice things up – this time with some strategies on how to make sure your hold on an internet drowned in social media noise.

Everybody and their mother’s brother’s kid’s couch is on social media. This can cause things to become drowned on social media, especially where it comes to company’s trying to brand themselves and reach more customers. But that doesn’t have to be the case. You can do some very simple things to help you stand out more without dumping a ton of effort into it. Social media is a tool that when used well can be leveraged in amazing and mind boggling ways for your company. So lets make sure you get heard in the social media storm.

Add Value 1st

Customers don’t want to feel like you are pandering to them or that everything you post is just fluff. They don’t follow for fluff, they follow you because they care about your company. So give them a reason to care! Give back by having contests where they try and make the best commercial for you and the winner gets money donated to a charity of their choice. Free publicity, free marketing, and you get to have the feel good benefit of having your customers have extra warm fuzzies about your company. Be informative by making sure your messages are actually saying something instead of trying to brain wash people. Let them know how long you’ve been around, about different hard working employees, or about all the hardwork that goes into the product or service that they love. Make it instructional by letting them know 101 ways to use your product that the customer may never have thought of on their own. How can they continue to use it after what it was intended for? Include that and you’ve just extended the worth of your product int he eyes of your customers.

Care More


Yes you are a company, but you are run by people. Act like it. Be interactive instead of robotic. Listen to your customers and about what they care about. Offer kindness and genuine interaction. They will remember 1 genuine interaction a 1000 times better then a 1000 ungenuine interactions. Remember the point here is to be heard, to make an positive impact online for your company with the least amount of time wasted. Easiest way to add value is by starting the recipe off with what should always be your main ingredient, genuine.

Ask Them

This one should be a little obvious. Who knows what your customers want to see you talk about more then your customers? NO ONE! So why not get them involved in the process. Ask them if they liked a post, ask them to comment, ask them to be involved on deciding what gets posted. Making them feel invested is a bonus but it also increases your traffic because its things they actually care about.

You do however need to listen to them as well. This is business so you need to put ego aside, especially when it comes to the internet. Anything they say isn’t personal its business. Take what they say and instead make it positive by using it to make your posts even better. If they like the funny human flair one of your community managers has then maybe work with them to coach the rest of your team on how to do that. If they are more academic minded then tailor your posts that way.

Then Answer!

As life go when you are asking questions you are going to be asked them as well. Social media is generally the quickest way to get a hole of a company and people take advantage of it. If someone is asking a question take the time to answer it and be real with them. They need to know that its not a robot on the other side of that screen but a company of people that care. Also everything that gets posted online tends to be public so if you leave a question sitting there un-answered it effects more outlooks then just of the person you are ignoring.

But don’t just go leaping in there and answering all willy-nilly. Take your time and tailor your answer to the person asking. Do some research, see what is important to them, and make your answer just as every bit of meaningful as the interaction calls for. When people feel like you really took the time to take care of them and their questions or concerns then they will be loyal to your company till the end.

Have Flair

Flair is what makes you unique, its what makes your company what it is. That personality needs to show through on every post you make. Even if it is just through the small things like a quirky one liner back to a customer. Your company is cookie cutter so neither should be your online presence. Sameness gets lost in the web, its the different and unique that really pop here. So you need to make sure you take advantage of that. But be careful with this. You need to treat your customers like people, you need to be aware of your target audience, and you need to stay consistent. Your flair can’t be all over the place or its a fail. Pick something that works for who ever is managing your online community and your company, then stick to it!

Magnified illustration with the word Social Media on white background.

Magnified illustration with the word Social Media on white background.

Ride the Trend

Easiest way to make a big impact on social media? Know what is trending. Simply be relevant to what is going on in the social media world. It will make a big difference and will actually make it seem like you know what is going on. The nice bonus is if you take advantage of what is trending then your posts get bumped up in searches as well, especially if you use the appropriate tags to go with them. Who knows if you do it well enough maybe you’ll be the next thing trending on the internet!

#SocialMediaGenius #GoldenSocialMediaGoose #DemMagicBeans

Be Visual & Visible

When you are wasting time on social media (don’t worry we all do it) and you are scrolling through your news-feed or dashboard, what catches your eye? That block of text you couldn’t really care less about or that nifty and informative visual that pops? Its not really a questions. We all know the answer. At least you should otherwise you need more help then this blog post can give ya. You want to get your message across and you want to engage your customers. But you don’t want to bore them when doing it. You want to grab their attention and use that time to engage them in whatever message or campaign you have going on. To do that you have to be visible, to be visible you have to be visual. (See what I did there? eh~)

Use the scrolling action to your advantage by posting a visual that demands attention. That catches your customer and makes them want to hang out long enough to maybe read the text that goes with it. Every person you stop is another person you can possibly engage and grow your brand loyalty with. Keep that in mind when you are loading up your social media campaigns.

Now that you know a little better how to navigate the big bad scary world of social media its time to dive right in. Don’t be afraid of drowning or getting lost as long as you remember these simple things. Your customers are your greatest assets, and they are the ones driving your social media. Good luck to you and I look forward to seeing many of your posts on this wonderful world wide web we call home.

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