Nightmare Cases of Horror…ible Organization

By Kayla Bayens

draculacoffinoGood evening my tasty little morsels~. Welcome to a night of horror where we will tantalize and feed your need to be scared. For your terrifying benefit tonight we have gathered from every corner of the globe the three most petrifying, the most frightening and truly bone chilling tales of organization gone wrong.

Now sit tight my blood bags. Strap in for the fun is about to begin for you have just entered into an episode of Nightmare Cases of Horror…ible Organization!


     Case File #57389 – July 13th, 1967

It was a hot day. Too hot for comfort much less investigation. Of course we didn’t have much choice in the matter. Disorganization waited for no man and where it was we were hot on its trail. We’d gotten a call about a tenant who had turned to living stone, held in place from productivity by the sheer amount of stuff around her. When we arrived on the scene it was the most serious case of FCAD (Frozen Chaotic Area Disorder) I had ever witnessed. Mountains of stuff in every direction as far as the eye could see. Barely enough room for us to squeeze our way through to the back much less a place where someone get any work done. This had to be a lady running her small business from home as towers of reference books and invoice papers dominated the majority of the landscape. After having fought through the disorganization for hours we finally reached her. She was just sitting there staring off into space with those cold unseeing inefficient eyes. I almost feared she was too far gone for us to bring back but I wasn’t about to quit on her yet. Dang-gumbit we were going to dig this woman out of her slum and back to wheeling and dealing in no time. Of course it ended up taking days to dig our way back out of that place with the woman in tow. By the time we got her out to receive medical attention we didn’t know if she’d get better. To this day I still don’t know if she ever recovered from her FCAD. Some say that if you stay in the house past midnight you can still see her sitting there, staring off into space. All I do know is that every time I go to lay that pile of papers on my desk I remember those cold glazed eyes and think better of it.

13SUBCOVER_SPAN-master675Case File #47237 – October 22nd, 1943

It was my first day on the job right out of training. I’d been partnered with an old timer who looked to have seen more then her fair share of clutter. You could tell who the vets were because they had this look in their eyes like they had seem some horrific stuff they couldn’t get out of their heads. The day had been pretty slow, mostly just filling out paperwork when a call came in. It was hard to decipher at first what the caller was talking about but after several minutes my partner and I were able to determine an address. Grabbing our jackets we headed out to investigate. When we arrived at the scene the door to the house was open and there was no response. Knowing something couldn’t be right we slowly entered the residence with hands on the tools of our trade. What we saw was no where close to what I was expecting to find. On the outside the house had seemed normal enough, quaint even. Now on the inside however the whole place seemed sinisterly filled to the breaking point with books. It seemed like a never ending library as we made our way through the place. The atmosphere giving off a feeling like we were being watched didn’t help much with my growing feelings of paranoia. We must have searched through that house 5 times over and never found a soul. All we did find was a phone off the hook and a dropped book entitled “The Spirits Among Us: The Art of Calling On Them Without Becoming Them”. We’ll never know what happened to the owner of that house, to this day we still hear gossip of hauntings and sightings from the new owners. But I wouldn’t put much though into it. Who believes in ghost anyways?

Case File #78532 – April 3rd, 1989messy-office-03

Calls came in to the unit all day, everyday. Disorganization and clutter was becoming a pandemic among people in the modern age. There wasn’t much we could do to stop it no matter how many workshops, seminars, or talks we held. You would have expected with the growing use of technology that it would start to die down some. But it had only gotten worse. Now not only where desks, offices, and homes covered in things but their hard drives where as overflowing as well. During one particular case in the spring of ’89 we’d had this kid come into the station. He was out of breath and bent over panting. When he finally could speak he told us that there was an emergency and we needed to go with him right now. We dispatched a couple of units with him, they hadn’t even been gone 10 minutes when they called in requesting back up. I was the first to ride out to assist them and I will never forget what we found. A massive skyscraper full of offices all empty of people. The offices and cubicles themselves were stuff to the overflowing but there wasn’t a soul left to find. The kid had come in to walk home with his dad but we never found him. As far as I know we never found any of them and they’re still in our missing persons files. Urban legend jokes and says that something was living in all that mess and ate them. That something was born from all that chaos and that it chose to strike at those responsible for giving it life. All I know is that 586 people went into that building and not a one of them came back out again.


So the next time you think of how harmless leaving that stack of papers on your desk is, remember the poor souls whose ill fates you have heard about tonight. If not then here in the pages of our next file may lie your name, your tale. Good night my little walking donors and remember, its not so ghoulish to straighten up.

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