Gidgets & Gadgets to Get You in Order


By Kayla Bayens

Hello again one and all! Encase you haven’t noticed already this month’s theme is organization! Now to break up my usual posts I decide to take a consumer position. Organization is an important thing at work, as I’m sure last week’s post thoroughly convinced you (I hear the writer is an amazingly smart and persuasive one that rascal). Now that you know why you should get cleaned up and even some tips how to do it lets get to a fun part. What new toys you can buy to help keep your area in the peek of organized order. Below are listed my Top 10 cool things that could help you get a hold of your space!

d500_cordies2Cordies Cable Organizers

Produced by those amazing people over at ThinkGeek, this powerhouse will help you get all those dangling cords sorted out in a giffy! No more hunting around for cords or trying to untangle them. This little guy will keep everything copasetic. And at the low price of $12.99 who would snatch one or five of these bad boys up?

Ziotek Color-Coded Surge Protector

If you have ever had to move your desk around or had to change something out you know how much of a pain it can be trying to figure out what is plugged in where. But more importantly which plug in the surge protector goes to what. Look no further the first in a duo of organized helpers comes to the rescue at only $10.99! This product’s plugs are each color coded allowing you to quickly distinguish what it is use for when pair with our next lovely gidget.

Plug Tag Cable Identifiers

The second part of the daring duo that will wrangle in all those cords is revealed for only $3 curtsy of Alife Design. This fantastic taggers mark exactly what the wire goes to. Monitor? Its tagged as orange. Oh what’s this? Thanks to this new color coded surge protector I now know that if its plugged into the orange outlet its the monitor. You’ve welcome reader, you’re welcome.

Dreamfarm GripetDreamfarm_Gripet_Scene_Igloo_1-990x660

At $24.95 this beauty from our friends over at Dreamfarm have done it again. This time bringing you a quick grip  note holder for your office. Put it on any flat surface (I like mine on the filing cabinet) and quickly organize any notes and materials up off of your desk and into the loving grip of Gripet. Organize, match, and rearrange documents however you want because this little guy wont let go no matter how they are stacked and packed.

iStick Multi-function Desktop Organizer

Brought to us by Satechi, this organizer isn’t just for those Mac users. Don’t let its design fool you, if you have a computer (and who doesn’t at work any more?) then you need this. It condenses the amount of space used to organize those things we use everyday at work and puts them right in front of you. So for just $40 prepare for a massive boost to your productivity. Happy work day!


At my job I get alot of business cards and networking information. Its great for business but not so great for my space. With physical copies once you misplace them they are gone for good. And if you some how manage not to lose any of them they quickly stack into quite a pile that is harder and harder to find a place for. That’s where this little powerhouse from Neat comes in to save the day for only $300. Yes its probably the most expensive organization gadget I’ll talk about today buts its worth it. Turn every receipt, business car, networking material, anything and everything into organized and searchable digital files. No more worrying about losing them. No more hunting through stacks to find something. No more wasted time. Just scan and let NeatReciept handle the rest.

61-zJp3vLOL._SL1000_Keyboard Stationary Set

Now I’m not going to lie, I’m kind of geeky. But I still like organization and that is why I recommend this product by Ebest is a nice mix of the two. At only $8 its a great starter stationary set with that little extra special touch. Keep all your office supplies uniform and organized as you geek your way through the work day.

Charging Tube

In this modern day and age we all have multiple devices that each need to be charged. This can quickly overwhelm and bog down and power strips you might have. So why not cut down on that clutter with the help of this gadget provided by La Crosse for just $25. Plug in the charging tube to a single outlet and let it provide the point of charge for all of your devices. Simple, easy, and organized.

SOTO Mobile Caddy

Don’t be fooled by the name this item actual comes out of Steelcase, a company with a serious knack for the beautiful and functional.Coming in at $280 this is are second most expensive item on the list. But this purchase packs a punch.It provides a personal storage space for your items off of the floor that is easy to pack and unpack. Now when you come into work you have a place for you bag, phone and anything else you might bring with you to work. It lets you have a secure set aside space for the things you bring in and gives you a place to put them so you don’t leave them behind. What more could you ask for?

Pockit Pocket Clipbcf7add9cb8f4f86b2331c7c7fc44b5d

We all have small items that we take in with us to work. Keys, pens, and tools of the trade. But those things can easily become misplaced as the work day continues. Making us waste time as we try and hunt them down. Well the smart creators at Fancy have come up with a solution for just $17. It creates an additional space outside of your desk area that organizes, holds, and displays these items so you always know where they are. No more losing the restroom key at work for this lady.

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