Creating an Effective Job Description


By Kayla Bayens

The first step in making sure you hire the best candidate for the job is to make sure you have a clear and effective job description. This will allow for those applying to know exactly what is expected of them and will help to begin to weed out those who wouldn’t qualify for the position. Contact your HR department to see if they have a template they would like to use. Normally though HR will just want the most complete job description you can give them that they will later use to create a job posting that goes with a uniformed look the company uses. Taking the time to do this work at the beginning of the process will make shifting through the piles of applications later on a lot easier when selecting candidates. Here are some things to do and keep in mind to create the most effective job description possible.

Gather the right Team

The supervisor of this position, people who work with someone in that position, and people currently in this position or a similar one. This will allow you to be able to work out what exactly the details of this position are as well as getting an idea of how this position will interact with others in the company. If this position is a brand new one the manager or company owner can create the job description on there own.

Do a Job Analysis

Data, its always all about the data. Gather as much of it as possible at this point. Look at the job responsibilities of current employees, sample job descriptions from websites, analysis the things that need to be filled by bringing on an employee in this position, and solidify the outcomes and contributions most needed from this position.

Elements of a Job Description

Below is a list of things you need to know in order to create an effective job description. These are the list of things that once completed can be turned over to the HR department.

  • General Description of the Position
  • Position TitleHumanResources
  • Department of the Position
  • Who do they report to? Who reports to them?
  • Work Status & Term of Employment
  • Primary Job Functions with examples
  • Responsibilities – overall and key areas
  • Required qualifications
  • Desired qualifications 
  • Education and Experience
  • Travel
  • Physical Demands
  • Work Environment

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