The Pros of Hiring Temporary Employees


By Kayla Bayens

Hiring temps is becoming the normal in today’s businesses. Many companies hire only temps, later bringing on the really great workers as full time employees. This practice is seen a lot and there is a reason for it. The practice of hiring temporary employees affords the companies a lot of benefits that they normally wouldn’t get. Below are some reasons that your company should start thinking about hiring temporary employees when it comes to filling your staffing needs.

Built in Screening

Hiring a temporary employee through an agency all the screening is handled for you. When you are sent a potential candidate you know that person has been screened for qualifications, had a background check, and is legally allowed to work in the state. All that work is handled for you without having to bog down your HR people. The weeding is done before the resumes even reach your hand.

Staffing Flexibilityhappy-worker

You can quickly adjust to any changes in your workload in order to maximize your efficiency. Suddenly have a large influx of work coming in, hire a few temporary employees through a Temp Agency in order to help handle it. Has your workload dipped down after a few months? Well luckily for you instead of having to now keep on unneeded employees while hoping for another large workload to come in you can just let the Temp Agency know the assignment is completed. Both you and the temporary employee can move on to other things while still having both your needs met.

Evaluate without Commitment

Alot of company’s work off of a temp to hire system because of this benefit. Sure someone’s resume might look amazing, and they might have been fantastic in the interviews. But how are they really when it comes to jumping into the job and working? Why not be able to take a few months and find that out without the headache of hiring them on full time when it might not even end up being a good fit. Sure most places have a probationary period for new hires but if that cut off date sneaks up on you without you realizing then you’re in trouble.

Save Time & Money

In most cases hiring a temporary employee is cheaper then hiring a full time employee with benefits. That is because when you go through a Temp Agency they, the agency, not you are the ones who take on the financial burden and responsibilities for recruiting, screening, testing and hiring workers; payroll expenses and paperwork; payroll and withholding taxes; unemployment and workers’ compensation insurance and any other employee benefits they may want to provide. Taking the brunt of the work, time, and money it takes to find the right employee off your hands. Allowing you to focus more on building the best company possible.

happy-workersSpecialized Skills

Sometimes you just don’t have a particular skill that you need in order for your team to accomplish a project. Temporary employees allow you to quickly find and hire on someone with that specialized skill set. Often these individuals also take less time to ramp up into full gear. Which lets your team quickly move forward rather then waiting for the sometimes tedious task of hiring a permanent employee.

High Productivity

You might think temporary employees might be a bit lacking in productivity since they know they won’t be there long. However the opposite as in fact found to be true. According to an extensive study conducted by Vox on labor markets from 1985-2008 it was found when markets were deregulated to allow for more temporary workers employment and GDP per employed person both greatly increased. So contrary to popular belief temporary workers are actually on a whole extremely productive and beneficial to a company.

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