Tips to Onboarding New Temp Employees

welcome temps

By Kayla Bayens

It’s easy to overlook new temp employees. Welcoming new temp employees is important for several reasons. Not only will the temp better understand their new workplace, but they will feel more comfortable and confident if their peers and supervisors make an effort to welcome them. Here are 14 ways to ensure that your new temporary employee feels at home in your organization from the start.

1. Welcome them upon arrival.
Don’t leave the temp in the waiting room on their first day. A supervisor or team-member should be available to greet them as soon as he or she arrives.

2. Introduce them to others at the company.
Try to introduce the temp to members of their team and other people they may need to interact with in the company. You may also want to send an email that announces new workers’ arrival and describes their background and what they will be doing for you.

3. Have their workstation ready.
Arriving at the office to a fully functional computer, phone system and work area is definitely meaningful to a temp. If possible, have an IT representative walk them through passwords and other technology setup procedures. If your company employs an ergonomic specialist, have that person stop by to make sure the desk, chair and keyboard are properly configured.

4. Assign work buddies.
Work buddies can help temps comfortably transition to their new professional environment. The buddy should work in the same field and be able to answer questions and explain policies to the new temp employee.

5. Take them to lunch or coffee.
Depending on the assignment length and situation, a welcome lunch or coffee break with just yourself or with team members and supervisors is another way to greet new temps.

6. Give them a tour of your offices.
Temp employees should be comfortable navigating the workplace. Make sure that they are familiar with important locations in the building, (bathrooms, the kitchen, additional entrances and exits, etc.)

7. Explain your expectations.
Describe the professional hierarchy within the new employee’s team. For example, who they report to and who reports to them.

8. Give them something to do.
Offer the new temp employees a training manual if available, to read. In addition to small, simple tasks to complete during their first few days.

9. Get paperwork in order.
Notify your HR department of any new hires before the temp starts.

10. Be open to questions.
Make sure to answer any questions, and express your pleasure at having the new temps aboard. You may want to set aside a few minutes to check in with them towards the end of their first day for this.

11. Take time for the training.
Find someone who has availability, and the time to train with the new person.

12. Provide Necessary work items.
These include: keys, (office file cabinets, bathroom) security codes, badges/id cards and any other item that an employee might have. This helps the temp feel like a part of the team, rather than an outsider.

13. Review Dress code and office protocol.
Let the temp know on the first day any important office procedure as well if they are in compliance with the dress code. Other nice information can be things like good lunch spots, where people might park, coffee locations and other helpful tips.

14. Confirm their work schedule.
Make sure the schedule is clear and confirm If there have been any changes or adjustments.

“What is ordinary to you maybe a desert of woeful newness to another.” ― Richard Llewellyn

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