A great experience of Yoga Doga!


If you’ve been following our blog you may know that work life balance is very important to us and is especially something our founder takes very seriously.  Here is a new way she is going about finding her own work and life balance.

If you’ve been following my blog for a while you might have guessed that I  like yoga and enjoy nature very much, so you can imagine my excitement at finding out about a daily drop in yoga class that takes place near my place of work in Sydney Walton Park (at Davis and Pacific.)

Last week, I decided to give the thirty minute class a try and I’m smiling at the memory of it.  I attended class on Monday and Wednesday.  On Monday, it was spittingly foggy out as I walked the six blocks over to the park and when I arrived, I realized I’d forgotten to change into my yoga gear completely.  I was wearing a dress over my short yoga pants.  With the encouragement of the teacher and because I was the only student, I decided to stay.  Once I got over feeling a little silly doing downward facing dog in front of the noontime strangers eating lunches on nearby benches, I found myself relaxing and enjoying the fresh air and the songs of the starlings in nearby cypress trees.  I was touched when a pleasant and skillful young instructor named Evan, approached me during the final resting pose (shavasana) and placed his hands in a grounding way for a few moments on my feet and shoulders.

Wednesday was another foggy morning and I hesitated to leave the comfort of my warm office.  My co-worker encouraged me to ‘Just do it!’, so I took her a dvise and walked briskly to the park for the 12:15 p.m. start time.  This time I found three other students, another instructor, named Kristen and her friend’s young dog, a sweet brown lab mix named Ellie.  Class started, and while we were holding plank position, Ellie ran up to each one of us in turn offering to lick our faces.  She then bounded around the area, showing off her amazingly limber body by rolling joyfully in the grass and beautifully modeling how to enjoy every single moment.  Towards the end of class, I noticed the instructor, leaving with Ellie for a moment to go to her car.  I guessed she was picking up a treat for Ellie, but it turns out she was going to get her wallet so she could replace a salad that Ellie had wolfed down on one of her passes around the park.  Apparently, the owner of the salad had been too engrossed in her smart phone to notice Ellie’s approach.

By the time shavasana came around, once again I was relaxed.  I also noticed that this time my mat was wet and muddy in places.  After we completed the official class with a Namaste, Ellie came over and offered me her paw again and again and offered  more kisses.  Her paw was also wet but for some reason, it didn’t matter so much, friendship is friendship after all!  I will continue with these outdoor yoga classes.  As with many new endeavors, it may take me a bit of time to work out the kinks, like figuring out a way to keep my mat clean and dry, dressing in a way that would make it easy to quickly change into yoga gear, but I think the positive experiences I’ve already had far outweigh the  challenges. Now if Ellie had gotten into MY lunch, that might be another story!  (You can find out about this class and other drop in classes like this around the Bay Area, by downloading the free app:  YogaBuddy.  Suggested donation for the class I took is $5.00.)


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