Do some office yoga to feel re-energized and renewed!

Get focused at work by taking a moment to do some Office Yoga!

Here are some discreet yoga exercises you can do at your desk.a!

Deep Belly Breathing:

This three-part breath starts by softening the diaphragm, breathing deeply while sending the breath down to the belly, then out to the rib cage and up to the collarbone. The exhale releases from the  top, middle to bottom. Deep Belly Breathing will expand your lung capacity and improve your cardiovascular exchange, as well as revitalize your cells and systems.

Seated Twist:

Sit tall in the middle of the chair with your feet grounded.

Exhale, take your right hand to your left knee and twist gently to the left.

Your left hand goes behind you to the back leg or edge of the chair.

Use the hand to the knee to deepen the twist.

The hand on the chair supports the spine and helps lift the heart center and crown of the head.

Look into the right corners of your eyes as you twist.

Inhale back to center, repeat other side.

Side Stretch:

Sit tall in the middle of the seat with your feet wide.

Right hand reaches down to the right side of the chair to keep the left hip from lifting.

Inhale the left arm out to the side, up and over.

Stretch out from hip with the arm overhead by the ear; the palm faces down.

Feel the stretch from the waist to the fingertips.

Inhale back to center, repeat other side.

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