How To Look Confident In An Interview

A lot of people feel nervous and afraid by job interviews.  Because Confidencea candidate’s attitude is one of the most important factors for an interviewer to evaluate it is vital the candidate maintain his confidence and not let his nerves overwhelm him.  Even if a candidates’ ability is not stellar, a positive attitude and confidence can invite a job offer.  Employers want to see candidates at their best so they can get a clear read on whether the candidate can thrive in the environment their company can provide.  Monroe Personnel Service, LLC & Temptime tries to make a relaxing atmosphere so candidates can express themselves fully in an interview, but it is not always easy for people to feel positive and confident.  Here is an article we ran across recently which has some tips for setting yourself up for a successful interview.

Remember, If you think you Can or you think you Can’t… You’re Right.


How To Look Confident In An Interview
by Hassam in HubPages

Prepare Your Mind

Always think positive and feel better. If you will think about the thing that will go wrong then you will feel bad during the interview and lose your self confidence. To increase your self-confidence sit quietly before the interview and think about the positive things that are going to happen. Imagine yourself as a successful person.

Take Care Of Your Body Language

Pay a lot of attention to your body language. It is the posture which shows your level of confidence. Always sit straight and make good eye contact with the interviewer it leaves a good impression.

Prepare For The Subject

To be confident in an interview you must be aware of the subject you are going to give an interview upon. Read the stuff prior but do not over prepare. This helps in answering the questions for you can answer very easily if you have knowledge about the subject. Avoid repeating memorized sentences. It must not sound like you are too rehearsed. You don’t need to be word perfect but all you need is to have knowledge to speak about.

Be Friendly

Whenever you go for an interview try to be friendly with everyone you meet at the interview site. An interview begins with the very first contact you make there even if you meet a custodian at the parking lot. Then comes the receptionist, or the interviewer. The employer may seek opinion, of every person you met, after you leave. If you gave a short shrift to the receptionist or the custodian it may make you seem arrogant.

Give A Shake Hand

Remember to shake hand with the person who will be interviewing you. It gives a positive impression and shows that you want to work there and are suitable for the job. Don’t let this happen.

Eye Contact

If you maintain a proper eye contact then it will give an impression that you are confident and will have acceptance for the other person. Lack of eye contact leads to the impression of mistrust and low interest.

Always Give A Smile

Sometimes a smile works a lot as an impression on the interviewer and is very powerful. A smile shows that you are well prepared and in a good mood. It also affects the mood of others and makes their mood good. A smiling person if felt warm and friendly and this put the right mood for conversation.

Speak Clearly

Beside your posture and impression, the thing which matters a lot is the way you speak. This can make you misunderstood easily. If you speak in a shy and a low voice it can deter your impression. You must speak in an energetic and lively voice which sounds good and friendly to the interviewer. Make yourself understandable.

Don’t Show Urge To Have The Job

Never give an impression that you desperately need that job. Be real and give the impression that you would have another chance to show your skills and work out with the complete ability of yours. Everyone has to start from somewhere so it doesn’t matter if the job is not exactly the one you wanted. Consider the recent job as best for you. Wait for a better chance that will make you shine.

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