Monroe Personnel Service, LLC & Temptime works hard to recruit the most qualified temp workers available in the San Francisco Bay Area.  We have found people who are clear and timely in their communications with us become very successful in their careers.  To reiterate what we’ve found we would like to share an article written by Jeffrey Kells for Freedom Staffing Group

He describes five characteristics that successful temp workers have, this way…

Temporary staffing agencies place job seekers on temporary assignments in just about every industry and at all skill levels. Many times, satisfied temporary employers will permanently hire temp workers. This means that temporary staffing agencies are constantly looking for new temp workers who meet the profile of a successful temporary. Just as traditional employers view their permanent staff as an advantage, temporary staffing agencies view the temp workers on their candidate rosters as a valuable resource. These are the five assets that are most in-demand for temporary staffing agencies when selecting temp workers.

Asset #1: Temp Workers Must Be Reliable

Reliability goes beyond arriving at an assignment on time and ready to work. When assessing temp workers for reliability, temporary staffing agencies also look at whether an individual is completing all aspects of the assignment, including training, and follows through with the assignment until the agreed upon ending time. Temp workers must be reliable for both the temporary employer and the temporary staffing agency; even if a temp worker is performing reliably at the job site, his or her reliability rating will suffer if he or she is not regularly updating the temporary staffing agency on how the work is progressing.

Asset #2: Temp Workers Must Exhibit Professionalism

Professionalism is an important characteristic for temporary workers to have. Temporary staffing agencies are selecting candidates for assignment who they believe will represent the agency in a manner that builds client trust to facilitate long term staffing relationships. Temp workers must exhibit professionalism in their dress, attitude, and overall conduct at all times to meet this benchmark.

Asset #3: Temp Workers Must Have Suitable Skills

In order for a temp worker to be considered for a temporary assignment, he or she must have the skills that the temporary employer needs. To ensure that the right candidate is sent out for the job, most temporary staffing agencies will thoroughly skills test potential temp workers before sending them out on their first assignment. Temporary staffing agencies will also routinely follow up with employers to determine how a temp worker is performing in a given skill area. Being untruthful about skills disqualifies many temp workers from future assignments, and such deceit will eventually be discovered.

Asset #4: Temp Workers Should Be Honest about Availability

In the temporary staffing industry many assignments come up on short notice, sometimes in less than 24 hours. While this is an extreme example, temporary staffing agencies still need to have temp workers available to fill client needs whenever and wherever those needs arise. As a result, having the availability to work on short notice can be seen as an advantage. Of course, temporary staffing agencies are aware that individuals seeking temporary assignments do have other commitments. When this is the case, temporary agencies look for workers who regularly communicate their availability so that appropriate assignments can be referred.

Asset #5: Temp Workers Must Have Excellent Communication Skills

The ability to communicate clearly and well is a prerequisite for success in temporary work on multiple levels. Temp workers must regularly communicate with their temporary staffing agency, providing updates on work progress, availability, and other matters. Temp workers must regularly communicate with their temporary employers, oftentimes through specific channels and mediums in the course of their work. Temp workers must also be able to ask for help when needed, and provide additional assistance when asked – all tasks involving high level communication.

Temporary staffing agencies are the employers of temp workers and work hard to recruit the most qualified temp workers available. Those with these five assets have the best chance of being recruited by a temporary staffing agency and being placed for temporary work on a regular basis. If you are considering temp work, be sure to cultivate these five characteristics of successful temp workers.

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