Local Resume Writer

Monroe Personnel Service, LLC & Temptime gets a lot of phone calls from people looking for work.  Often people are also looking for advise about how to present themselves in their resume.  We don’t write resumes but there is a local resume writer I like to recommend.  Her name is Stephanie and she has a great website, www.sfbayresumewriter.com

How does it work?  This is how Stephanie answers that question:

So how does this work?
The process is as easy as these 5 simple steps.

  1. Select which career package you need.
  2. Submit your order online via the secure online payment checkout, then receive your questionnaire via email during same business day. It will be automtically sent to your ordering email address so be sure to check that one.
  3. Complete the short questionnaire to provide the information needed to develop your resume and cover letter. You may also at this time include your old resume or cover letter and send as an attachment. Please ensure that all documents are in a .doc or pdf format.
  4. Receive your expertly written resume and/or other documents, in a PDF format within 4-6 business days after you have turned in your information. Confirm the document, and request any changes.
  5. Receive your final documents with requested revisions in Microsoft Word and in a PDF.

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