8 Ways to Make Yourself More Marketable

Margaret Steen of Yahoo! Hot Jobs found eight helpful ways for professionals to market themselves. To get back into the swing of the job market, these may be tips that can ultimately get you noticed. Here are some highlights from the article:

1.         “Use Your Name as Your Brand, Especially Email”

Stick with one version of your name that is consistent from your signature to your resume to your email name. Don’t mix up your nickname from college with your maiden name. If you’re going to be “Kate” as the heading on your resume, be Kate when you sign off on your emails, too.

2.         “Meet an Employer’s Need”

From the employer’s perspective, a job seeker looking to stretch their skill set or switch careers isn’t an attractive option. They are asking for the right puzzle piece to fill their need. It’s hard to stretch a person having “transferable skills” to be the best one for the job against someone with recent hands-on experience.

3.         “Maintain a Smart Online Profile”

Be mindful of your privacy settings or the content you upload to social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn or blogs you might follow. Start contributing smart feedback to industry blogs or professional forums. Google yourself and see what’s out there on you as a start.

4.         “Ask For Help”

Ask and be open to suggestions of other professionals. There are always ideas you haven’t thought of.

5.         “Become Active in a Professional Association”

Be an active member helping out on various aspects of the group. You would be surprised at who recognizes you simply because you are up at the front of the room helping out or organizing a special event. It’s a great way to build a long professional relationship.

6.         “Take a Class or get a Certificate”

With technology evolving by leaps and bounds, it would only benefit you and your resume if the most recent enterprise software, for example, becomes “old hat” to you. Think about sharpening or adding to your skills during downtime.

7.         “Take on a New Project at Work”

Think of the finished accomplishment you could add to your resume upon completing a project at work, in addition to your regular job duties.

8.         “Be Flexible”

Whether it relates to your commute, the job responsibilities or your salary range, flexibility opens you up to possibilities you might not otherwise have a chance to contemplate. It’ll make you a team player as well.

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