Working from home? Why not bring in a temp?

If you have a home based business, we know how busy you are. You wake up with your to-do list looming large. As you brush your teeth, you review your schedule for the day. Loaded with client calls, deadlines, and administrative tasks, your day is likely to be long and frenetic. You take a deep breath as you walk down your hallway and into your home office.

Your friends are envious of your short commute, but they don’t realize just how much filing, administrative work, and accounts payable and receivable, you do each day. Every hour feels like a negotiation when you work from home. Should you spend precious time on business development, or squander your talents on the growing pile of filing that needs to get done?

You may think of temporary staff workers as people employed by large offices to supplement a short staff. But who is shorter-staffed than you? Here are three reasons why a temp could change the way you do business, in just a few hours per week.

      1. Hiring a temp will actually save you money. Think about the number of hours you spend on administrative tasks each week. Now, think about the hourly rate you bill to your clients. You are an expert in your field and your time is expensive. Hiring a temp is a great way of delegating those admin tasks without paying an arm and a leg, and using that time to complete projects which utilize your skills and pay accordingly. 
      1. Bringing a temporary employee into your home office can mean a reduction in errors and a more stream-lined operation. You don’t have a background in accounting or tax preparation, so why are you expecting yourself to do these tasks easily and without error? Many temporary employees specialize in accounts payable and receivable, and can not only get the work done well, but can help to set up systems that will make your office run smoothly. 
      1. You’ll accomplish tasks using a temp that would never get done otherwise. Need to convert your contacts to new database? Have you been procrastinating for months on researching new prospective clients? Letting these tasks go is hurting your business. Bringing in a temp for just a few hours buys you a staffer with a laser-like focus, who will hone in on these tasks and bring you up to speed in no time! 

When the economy slows down, we know that your schedule speeds up, as you spend even more time on business development and client retention than ever before. Hiring a temp is a great way to clean up lingering tasks and focus on the work that demands all of your attention!

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